Get clients from Google Ads on a regular basis

Smartsub helps to manage advertising & analytics like a professional with user-friendly interface & AI-assistant.

With Smartsub
it's easy to launch Google Ads & improve it

Made by Certified Google Partners to deliver results no marketer can match

Smart autocomplete

Just enter the link to your website and Smartsub will automatically suggest relevant geography, search keywords and Ad copy.

Easy set-up

Create your Google Ads campaign in just 5 steps. Both for beginners and professionals can handle it easily.

Automatic improvements

Analysing ads campaigns within 20+ parameters, Smartsub suggests improvements to get more sales from your website.

Quality check

If you want to check the quality of ads campaign, which has been already launched, you can do it in a couple of clicks.
Running my own digital agency, I have been outsourcing launching and managing Google Ads to freelance specialists. It was a disaster, and most of the projects failed all along of unprofessional services.

That's why I decided to create Smartsub, a service that helps creating profitable Google Ads campaigns even if you're not a professional. Digital advertising isn't a problem any more, for anybody.
IT-Entrepreneur, Head of Product & Co-founder
@ Smartsub
A mix of user-friendly interface and an AI-powered assistant for Google Ads, Smartsub automates routine tasks, and engages users where automation doesn’t work. It provides users with enough significant data to make informed decisions.

Smartsub becomes the next "Google Ads Express", the one we have been waiting for.
Google Trainer & Co-founder @ Smartsub
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AI algorithms
at your service

Smartsub analyses your ads performance and provides the best recommendations to improve it.

10 minutes to launch
Choose relevant keywords
Optimise spendings
Improve ads

Compare how
efficient you will be
with Smartsub

You can still use Google Ads interface, but Smartsub allows you to do it easier, faster and get more profit.
Avg. # of keywords per campaign
Avg. # of Ads per campaign
Time to create 1 Ads campaign
Avg. time of Ads management
Set-up of conversions on the website
15 – 20
1 – 2
2 – 3 hrs
1 – 2 hrs / week
Google Ads interface
15 – 20
1 – 2
2 – 3 hrs
1 – 2 hrs / week
10 – 15 min

Who can use Smartsub

It suits both beginners and professionals.

Entrepreneurs and SME's
To get a flow of potential customers from Google and optimise an advertising budget.
Ad specialists
and digital agencies
To reduce the time of creation and management of Ads campaigns and automate customer support.
and product teams
To test your products/services and collect product-market fit on different markets.
Don't give up!
Improve your Google Ads today
and get your first clients
Trusted by
Honorable Alumni 2017 of the B2B SaaS Batch
Winner of Poland Prize 2019 at AdTech
Residency in Google Campus since 2019
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